Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I contact Carryout Cabby?

A: Call us at 252-212-3551, email us at Carryout.cabby@yahoo.com or message us on Facebook.

Q: What are Carryout Cabby's delivery hours?

A: Monday -Friday 11:00 am to 9:00 pm and Saturday 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Q: What areas are available for delivery?

A: Carryout Cabby will deliver to all Hotels, Businesses and Residents in zipcodes 27801, 27803 and 27804.

Q: What is the minimum food order amount?

A: To place a delivery order online at Carryout Cabby, you must spend at least $15.00 on menu food items before tax and the delivery fee.

Q: What is the cost of the service?

$2.99  if you are 0-7 miles from the restaurant and anything over 7 miles is $1.00 per mile more.

Q: Why doesn't Carryout Cabby  service other Restaurants for delivery; why can I only order from your partnered restaurants?

A:  All of Carryout Cabby partnered restaurants have agreed to expertly prepare all of their delivery orders and have a respect for their delivery customers' orders, willing to go that extra mile in all cases. With this partnership in place we can guarantee your orders receive the proper attention from the restaurant and ensures the quality of the order. If anything is ever wrong with your order this partnership also allows Carryout Cabby  to contact the restaurant and speak directly with management to assure the fastest possible resolution to the problem.

Q: Is gratuity for the driver included in my order?

A: Gratuity is not included in your order. Please consider the efforts of your mobile waiter and treat them as you would treat a server inside a restaurant. Average gratuity is 15 - 20%.

Q: How far in advance do I have to place my order for delivery?

A: All orders are handled immediately after they are placed.  Once you have placed a delivery online, or over the phone with a Carryout Cabby customer service representative, you can expect to see your delivery order on average of  30 - 60 minutes.

Q: How do I know my delivery order has been placed?

A: To insure your online order has been placed, you will receive an email to the email address your account has been saved under.  The email will detail the order items and present you with an estimated delivery time.  You should also receive a receipt email for your order delivered to the same email address.  If you do not receive the correct emails or an estimated delivery time, call 252-212-3551, and a Carryout Cabby Customer service representative can find out if your delivery order has been placed.  If you place your order over the phone with a Carryout Cabby customer service representative they will give you an estimated delivery time to confirm the order. 

Q: How do I receive a receipt for my order?

A: After you place a delivery order online or over the phone with a Carryout Cabby customer service representative, the log-in email for your account will be sent the receipt for your order.  If you only call in orders, you can have a Carryout Cabby service representative post a desired email address on your account for receipts to be sent to.  Also, if you want to change the email address for your receipts to be sent to, contact a Carryout Cabby customer service representative, and they will make the appropriate changes. 

Q: Can I place my order in advance, to be delivered later today, or for a date later in the future?

A: You may certainty place an advanced order.  To insure your order is delivered for lunch or dinner at the time you want it, select the restaurant tab you want delivery from, then, at the top of that restaurant's menu, select the For Delivery A.S.A.P. change Button.  A Calendar prompt screen will then appear.  Select the Calendar date you want the delivery to made on, as well as the exact time you want it delivered.  Then place your delivery order, and it will be delivered at the desired date and time.

Q: Can I order from multiple Restaurants?

A: You may order from as many Carryout Cabby partnered delivery restaurants as you like.  A delivery fee will be charged for each restaurant though.  Also, ordering from multiple restaurants may take more than 45 minutes to have the different cuisines delivered to you, due to the fact that your mobile waiter will have to travel to multiple restaurants.

Q: May I order a delivery order, but have it delivered to another person or another address?

A: You may certainly have a delivery ordered for another person for any occasion, such as a surprise or any other event.  If you place your order online, make sure to put the correct delivery address you want the delivery made to in the address column, and put any special directions or comments for the mobile waiter to know or for the desired recipient to know in the optional directions box.  Or, if you call in the delivery order to a Carryout Cabby customer service representative, make sure to tell them the correct address you want the order delivered to, as well as special directions or comments for the mobile waiter to know, or for the desired recipient to know.

Q: How does the delivery process work?

A: Once you have placed an order for delivery online or over the phone with a Carryout Cabby customer service representative, the order will be sent in to the restaurant of your choice.  From there, your selected restaurant will give Carryout Cabby a projected cook time as to how long it will take to cook and prepare your order.  A Carryout Cabby mobile waiter will then arrive at the restaurant at the correct projected time.  They will then double check your order for quality and the right quantity of food items.  They will then finalize the packaging of your order by placing your order into a temperature-controlled insulated bag.  After the driver has left the partnered restaurant, they will find your delivery address on their navigation system and proceed to deliver your food order to you on the quickest route.  This process generally takes 45 - 60 minutes.

Q: Can I cancel my delivery order?

A: You may only cancel a delivery order if you have not yet placed the order, or if a restaurant has not yet received the order to cook and prepare.  Essentially, if you place a delivery order you are expected to pay for the delivery order.

Q:Can I split my check?

A:YES, you may split your check up to 5 times.